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Looking for Land for Sale in Ripley?

The Queensland property market offers exciting opportunities for young families seeking affordable land for sale near Ipswich. Two emerging suburbs vying for attention are Walloon and Ripley. While both suburbs boast new developments; Walloon with Dawn Walloon Estate and Ripley with Bellevue Ripley & Amory Ripley, a closer look reveals Walloon offers a very compelling combination of affordability, future growth potential, established infrastructure, and a strong sense of community

Land Packages from $314k*

Family life at Dawn Walloon

A Haven for Families

Walloon is a charming and rapidly growing suburb near Ipswich, brimming with potential for young families and offers a better value location than Ripley’s land for sale. Here’s what sets Walloon apart:

  • Affordable Escape: Compared to established suburbs and even Ripley, Walloon boasts significantly lower land costs. This translates to securing a larger block of land at Dawn Walloon, potentially providing space for a backyard oasis, a refreshing pool, or a home with more bedrooms or a second living space for your growing family.
  • Strategic Location: Walloon’s proximity to Ipswich and Brisbane positions you for future growth. As these major cities expand, Walloon’s value as a convenient location with a country vibe is likely to increase significantly.
  • Established Infrastructure: Unlike some newer developments near Ripley, Walloon already enjoys established infrastructure particularly when it comes to public transport and the train network. This not only increases the potential for long term capital growth, it places Walloon as a more convenient location than Ripley for those working in Ipswich or Brisbane. This means more time with your family, more time to dedicate to you, rather than sitting in traffic.

Walloon or Ripley Land for Sale?

Beyond affordability, Dawn offers a smart investment for the future:

  • Limited Land Availability: The availability of large blocks of land in established areas like Ripley is dwindling. Securing land for sale in Walloon now ensures you have the space to create your dream home and enjoy the benefits of a growing community without having to sacrifice due to budget or interest rate pressure.
  • Developing Community: Walloon is a burgeoning suburb with significant development plans underway. As the community matures and infrastructure continues to offer homeowners a far better experience, property values are likely to appreciate quickly, making your investment even more rewarding.
  • Government Grants: Several government grants and concessions are available to assist first-time home buyers in Queensland. Dawn Walloon can help you navigate these programs, maximizing your purchasing power and making homeownership a reality.

Land For Sale from $314k*

Entertainment, Dining and Cafe's within minutes of Dawn Walloon
Family Fun at Dawn Walloon

Unpacking Ripley Land for Sale:

While Ripley offers new developments like Bellevue Ripley, here’s a closer look if there is a better alternative for long-term value:

  • Land Costs: While land costs in Ripley might be lower than more  established suburbs of Ipswich, they are already much higher compared to Walloon, potentially limiting the size of the block you can secure for your dream home. This also limits the size of the home you can build due to over investing in the land, reducing the long term flexibility of your home as your family needs expand.
  • Future Development Potential: Ripley’s future capital growth potential appears limited, particularly with the opening of the first stage of the Ripley Town Centre already past. As a development progresses towards completion, capital growth is already priced into the remaining parcels of land based. However, the timeline for Dawn Walloon is still early in the development cycle meaning land can be found up to $100,000 cheaper even being closer to Ipswich and quality public transport and schooling.

Why Walloon is the Winning Choice:

Now that we’ve explored both Walloon and Ripley land for sale, let’s delve into why Walloon, particularly with the Dawn Walloon Estate, emerges as the superior choice for young families:

  • Superior Value: Dawn Walloon offers exceptional value for an alternative to Ripley land for sale with prices now available from $314,000*. Securing a larger block of land at a competitive price allows you to create your dream home without breaking the bank.
  • Established Infrastructure and Schools – Unlike some newer developments, Walloon boasts established infrastructure with easy access to essential amenities like shops, transport, and most importantly, reputable schools for your children. This ensures a smooth transition and eliminates the need for lengthy commutes.
  • Peaceful Escape with City Convenience – Walloon offers the perfect blend – a peaceful escape from the city bustle while remaining conveniently located close to Ipswich (minutes away) and Brisbane (a 50-minute drive).

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Adventures in Nature just minutes from Dawn Walloon
Cheap Land for Sale near Brisbane

Gateway to a Fulfilling Life: 

Nestled within the heart of Walloon, Dawn Walloon Estate elevates the Walloon experience:

  • House and Land Packages: Simplify the process of building your dream home with convenient house and land packages offered by Dawn Walloon. This removes guesswork from budgeting and provides a clear picture of the total investment.
  • Strong Community Spirit: Become part of a welcoming and family-oriented community at Dawn Walloon. Enjoy a strong sense of connection, connect with other families at events, and build lasting friendships for yourself and your children. The estate fosters a supportive environment where you can raise your family with peace of mind.
  • Active Lifestyle: Embrace an active lifestyle with interconnected walking and bike paths at Dawn Walloon Estate. Explore the nearby parks and nature trails, or simply take a leisurely stroll and appreciate the beauty of nature. Catering to all activity levels and create lasting memories with your family.

the Hidden Gems of Walloon:

Beyond the affordability and strong sense of community, Walloon offers a surprising variety of experiences that cater to families and adventurous appetites:

  • Family Fun Days: Plan a day filled with laughter and memories. Enjoy casual dining experiences at local restaurants with menus perfect for families. Indulge in classic pizzas, succulent burgers, or delicious pasta dishes in a welcoming environment, sure to please even the pickiest eaters.
  • The Great Outdoors: Walloon boasts local parks and playgrounds, perfect for burning off energy and creating lasting memories with your children. For a bigger adventure, explore nearby family-friendly attractions like the Ipswich Rail Workshops museum or the Main Range National Park.
  • A Culinary Adventure Awaits: Embark on a culinary adventure beyond your doorstep. Discover hidden culinary gems tucked away in the suburbs surrounding Ipswich. Explore local farmers markets brimming with fresh, locally sourced produce, perfect for creating wholesome meals at home. Treat your taste buds to something new and exciting, all within easy reach of your new home in Walloon.

Land Packages just $314k*


Visit the Dawn Walloon Sales Suite
The Dawn Walloon Sales Suite is ready for your visit

Why Dawn is Your Perfect Match:

Walloon, especially with Dawn Walloon Estate at its heart, presents an unbeatable opportunity for young families seeking a lifestyle that’s both affordable and enriching. Here’s why Dawn Walloon Estate stands out:

  • Build Your Dream on a Budget: Secure a larger block of land at a competitive price, allowing you to create your dream home without breaking the bank. This investment is poised to appreciate as Walloon matures and infrastructure expands.
  • Convenience Meets Tranquillity: Enjoy the established infrastructure of Walloon, with easy access to essential amenities and reputable schools for your children. This eliminates lengthy commutes and ensures a smooth transition into your new life. At the same time, embrace the tranquillity of a peaceful escape, nestled away from the city bustle. Ipswich is just minutes away, and Brisbane is a convenient 50-minute drive, offering the best of both worlds.
  • Active Pursuits Await: Embrace an active lifestyle with interconnected walking and bike paths right at your doorstep. Explore the surrounding parks and nature trails, or simply take a leisurely stroll and appreciate the beauty of nature. Cater to all activity levels and create lasting memories with your family.



Owning Land at Dawn Walloon:

Cheap land is now within your reach. Here’s how to get started:

  • Explore Our Website: Visit more of our website here to browse available land, explore interactive maps of the local area, view the transport infrastructure and schooling, and learn more about why Dawn Walloon is the leading choice for Cheap Land in Queensland.
  • Contact Our Team: Our expert team is here to answer your questions you may. Contact us today at 1800 996 752 or fill out our online enquiry form to schedule a visit to the Dawn Walloon community.

Don’t let the dream of owning cheap land in Queensland pass you by. Dawn Walloon offers an exceptional opportunity to secure your piece of paradise, build your dream home, and raise your family in a thriving and friendly community.

Land Packages from just $314k*


* Prices correct as at 18th June 2024

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