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In progress:

Stage 6F - The Wellspring Release

Lots 725-726, 731-773 (inclusive)
Anticipated Registration – June 2024

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Civil Phase96%

Site Establishment100%

Bulk Earthworks100%

Drainage Works100%

Sewer Works95%

Water Works95%

Gas Reticulation85%

Subgrade Placement Works100%

Electrical & NBN85%


Registration Phase17%

Plan Sealing50%

Lodge Survey Plan0%

Titles Registration0%

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Stage 6E

Lots 594-612, 688-705, 720-724 & 727-730(inclusive)
Anticipated Registration –

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Civil Phase0%

Site Establishment0%

Bulk Earthworks0%

Drainage Works0%

Sewer Works0%

Water Works0%

Gas Reticulation0%

Subgrade Placement Works0%

Electrical & NBN0%


Registration Phase0%

Plan Sealing0%

Lodge Survey Plan0%

Titles Registration0%

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Stage 6A1

Lots 470-474 (inclusive)
Titles Registered – November 2022

Stage 6B1

Lots 631-658 & 661-665 (inclusive)
Titles Registered – March 2023

Stage 6B2

Lots 626-630, 659-660 & 666-678 (inclusive)
Titles Registered – August 2023

Stage 6B3 - the beacon release

Lots 613-625, 679-686 & 706-719 (inclusive)
Titles Registered – August 2023

Stage 6C1 - the genesis release

Lots 499-524, 546-551 & 570-579 (inclusive)
Titles Registered – September 2023

Stage 6C2 - the dayspring release

Lots 490-498, 525-529, 541-545, 552-557, 566-569 & 580-583 (inclusive)
Titles Registered – October 2023

Gibbs Stage 1 - the lumina release

Lots 774-781, 785-801 (inclusive)
Titles Registered – March 2024

* Estimated dates are provided as an approximate guide only and are subject to change.

The date estimates provided are based on current information regarding the design, construction, and relevant authority approvals timeframes for the individual stage. Dawn uses this information to provide an estimate of the month (or month/quarter ranges) in which titles or plan sealing will be achieved however this is subject to change and is often influenced by factors which are often outside of the projects control such as weather, contractor delays and authority inspections.

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